The original Cinch! tent combined the speed of pop-up pitching with a solar panel, battery pack and LED lighting. Now, there's an updated version, with improved solar functionality, a new canopy big enough to accommodate a table and chairs and, mercifully, a way to keep you cool when it's sunny.

Pop-up tents are, of course, borne of the desire for convenience. The Cinch! employs superflex fiberglass poles and can reportedly be erected in a matter of seconds. It can also be packed away in under a minute into a disc-shaped rucksack that weighs up to 9 kg (20 lb), depending on the tent size.

There are three sizes available, accommodating either two, three or four people. Each size is said to be the biggest in its class, with the four-man version claimed to be the biggest pop-up tent available.

The Cinch! is double-skinned with the aim of preventing condensation and all seams are double-taped to prevent damp. Its outer layer is made of 4000HH fabric, which is said to provide three times the industry standard for waterproofing. An "extra-thick" groundsheet is aimed at providing comfort for occupants and is stitched to the outer tent to prevent bugs from getting inside.

The tent has two entrances to provide easy access and for ventilation on hot days. One of the new additions that also helps to manage heat is a black-out canopy that's made from "ultra-reflective" material and can be used as a radiant barrier to reflect rather than absorb heat. The canopy fits over the top of the tent and it is suggested that users either attach it during the day if the tent will be in use then, or overnight to keep it cooler inside for longer the following morning.

The entrances each provide space for storage and are both extendable with pole-supported canopies. A new optional extendable canopy can also be used to increase the living space further, by a claimed 75 percent.

Another optional extra is the revised solar power pack, which comprises a roof-mountable solar panel and a 13,000-mAh power bank. When fully charged, the power bank is reported capable of charging an iPhone up to six times, and can charge two devices simultaneously via its two USB outlets. The power bank can also be detached from the tent and carried around in a pocket or a bag for device charging on the go.

Among the other features of the Cinch! are LED lanterns, LED tent pegs and light-reflective guylines.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Cinch! tent is under way. Pledges start from £190 (US$250). The extended canopy is £40 ($50) extra and the power bank £70 ($90) extra. Assuming all goes to plan with the roll-out, shipping is expected from February 2017.

The video below gives an overview of the tent's features.

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