Editing film footage on the go is about to become less of a physical strain thanks to a new truly portable camera-mountable recording, monitoring, playback and editing device for cinematographers. About the same size as a standard on-camera monitor, the Cinedeck offers all of the features of a full editing suite via a touchscreen user interface and can produce PC-, Mac- and Linux-friendly 1080p high definition output for storage on solid state drives.

According to Charles d'Autremont, founder and creator of Cinedeck: "Cinedeck was born from years of experience in the field, lugging so-called portable and very expensive tape and direct-to-disk solutions through the Panamanian rain forests, Turkish deserts, and on the back of jeeps hurtling down pot-holed roads of Kazakhstan - we finally said, this is ridiculous, we can do better."

The 5 x 8 x 3.5 inch Cinedeck features a 7 inch high resolution (1024 x 600) touchscreen display, access to the menus provided both onscreen and via physical interface buttons to the right. Weighing less than four pounds on its own or under seven pounds including the necessary accessories, the device is mounted directly on the (compatible) HDMI, HDSDI or LAN camera of choice and with a wide operating temperature range (-20F/-29C to 120F/49C), it should prove useful however extreme the conditions.

The film-maker can use the Cinedeck to monitor realtime video, preview, provide focus assist, downconvert, transcode and capture full 1080p high definition, cinema grade, edit-ready, 10-bit 4:2:2 or 12-bit 4:4:4 CineForm Digital Intermediates (a high quality compression codec) in MOV or AVI format, which is then recorded on reliable and rugged consumer 2.5 inch solid state drives. Correct exposure is assured via onscreen histogram/waveform and audio recording levels are also displayed.

It is claimed that Cinedeck is the first device of its kind to enable users to edit dailies on-site and recordings can subsequently be read with any NTFS-capable file system, including Mac, PC, & Linux, or connected to a RAID via ESATA for an uncompressed record. For improved workflow, the device can also be connected to an external VGA monitor and pointing device.

The Cinedeck Extreme will be available in limited quantities from March 2010 for US$7995, which is claimed to cost "less than a week's rental of similar quality tape deck and focus monitor".

The package will include the Extreme Recorder, a desk stand, a 4pin XLR to 2pin Lemo power cable and 3pin XLR to 3pin Lemo balanced audio cables, a minBNC to BNC sd TV cable and a 120/240V 100w switching wall power supply. There'll be a number of accessories available including shipping case, sun visor and Bluetooth remote. Further models are scheduled for release after this year's NAB in Las Vegas.

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