Citroen announces home refueling initiative for C3 GAZ

Citroen announces home refueling initiative for C3 GAZ
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Drivers of the Citroën C3 Gaz Naturel may never have to visit a petrolstation again, with Citroën joining forces with France's national gasdistribution company to enable owners to install their own gas re-fillingcompressors in their homes.

As well as offering the normal natural gas advantages of a 20 per centreduction in the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), and zero emissionsof sulphur dioxide and lead, Gaz du France have developed a home compressorunit that enables owners to refuel their Citroen C3 Gaz Naturel direct fromthe mains gas supply, saving both money and time.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has become increasingly popular with businessusers in France and Gaz du France see the development of the home refuelingstation as the first step towards increasing public acceptance of the CNGfuel solution. Citroën is developing CNG versions of all its key car andcommercial models to encourage a broader use of CNG.

Following the development and testing of the home system, Citroën will lookat marketing these products outside France.

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