Designer Blayne Ross has unveiled a new concept which aims to bring a beach to New York City's Hudson River. City Beach NYC comprises a reclaimed barge topped with sand that would visit the area during summer months. To help bring his vision to life, Ross plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the near future.

The City Beach NYC barge concept features retail spaces, restaurants, and sunbathing spots on the upper deck, with changing rooms and a marine science exhibit down below. The exhibit will detail the history of the Hudson River, its water quality, and local marine life. However, unlike the Floating +Pool concept we covered previously, there will be no swimming pool on the barge and no opportunity to dip a toe into the Hudson – which is probably for the best, given its well-documented pollution.

Ross told Gizmag that he intends to use recycled materials wherever possible, and that his team is actively seeking companies to help enable the barge to operate completely off-grid. Light tubes will also be used to direct natural light from outside to the lower level.

The finer details on the materials and sustainable features of the City Beach NYC project are still to be worked out at this early stage, though the designer did reveal that the barge will sport a waterfall which could help oxygenate the local water.

City Beach NYC will soon be the subject of a US$200,000 crowdfunding campaign on Crowdtilt. The plan is to offer free entry to visitors and make a profit from amenities provided on-site, such as umbrellas, beach chairs, and cabana rentals.

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