Portable boot dryers can mean the difference between a miserable day spent obsessing about cold, numb toes and a carefree day on the slopes. The Drywarmer from Sidas delivers the latter, and it keeps your feet a little fresher to boot.

Boot dryers come in many shapes and sizes, from cedar inserts to powerful plug-in fans. Sidas trades absorbent materials and fan-based blowing action for ultraviolet light. The UV heats your boots up and dries them out. The dryer's dual heads allow you to dry both boots at once.

The Drywarmer's UV rays offer an added advantage. Like UV water purification systems, the Drywarmer's UV rays kill bacteria, essentially deodorizing your boots. So not only are your boots dry the next morning, they're a little fresher.

In addition to skiers, a boot dryer could be useful to anyone at risk of having to use wet boots for several days in a row - hikers, backpackers, workers, etc.

The Drywarmer retails for US$30.

Source: Sidas via Grough