June 11, 2008 In yet another example of California's leading role in solar-power, Clear Skies Solar has announced plans to build an 8MW solar farm in Cantil. The project will encompass 34 acres of land and cost around US$44 million.

To be developed with California Sunrise, the Clear Skies plant will produce electricity to be sold under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to a local utility company.

Ezra Green, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Clear Skies Solar said that the Cantil development is just the beginning of several large utility scale projects the company is undertaking around the globe. “It’s become quite clear, particularly in recent months with the price of crude oil reaching record-breaking prices, that our world is looking towards renewable energy as a solution to this global fuel crisis. Through the development of these strategic solar farms, Clear Skies Solar is hoping to alleviate this tension and expand our business to become a world leader in turnkey solar electricity installations,” Green said.

Clear Skies Solar is slated to close on the land contract on June 14, taking full title of the property at that time. It will then manage the property for the next 20 years and expects to see significant revenue from the project. An environmental impact study was conducted to ensure that protected desert wildlife would not be affected.

There are many areas within California suitable to host solar farms however, this particular location was chosen due to its proximity to the utility substation. This will help make the economics of the solar farm project feasible. No date for completion of the photovoltaic solar farm has been set as yet.