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ClearPoint interface
ClearPoint interface
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ClearPoint interface
ClearPoint interface

September 11, 2007 A new offering from ClearPoint provides boat owners, sailing clubs, marinas and weather-watchers with a comprehensive high-resolution weather information service. Available via the Internet, ClearPoint Premium Edition tracks marine craft as they sail to show prevailing weather conditions at any location.

The service is designed to change the way consumers engage with marine weather and thereby create greater water safety for sea lovers. Accurate to the nearest kilometer, ClearPoint offers thousands of detailed weather combinations and has the ability to provide weather predictions up to five days ahead. "More accurate weather forecasting gives yacht and boat owners or navigators the ability to plan ahead and navigate with maximum efficiency and increased confidence," said Stuart Johnstone, Chief Operating Officer, ClearPoint.

The ClearPoint service updates weather data as frequently as every five minutes, delivering automatic feeds on average once every hour. It achieves this by drawing on information from weather service providers in over 180 countries. A forecast function allows users to "fast forward" weather conditions on their screen for optimal route planning or itinerary scenario-planning, based on the distance, direction and bearing of vessels in relation to current location. ClearPoint is fully compatible with the world's GPS and satellite communications services for continuous, real- time weather data feeds anywhere on the high seas.

The data provided is displayed with ultra high-resolution via a user-friendly interface. The graphical displays and icons are clear and easy to read, providing in-depth information for conventional and touch-screen display devices. Weather elements such as fronts, winds, waves, satellite and much more can easily be viewed from your laptop, tablet or on-board PC.

The product is specifically being targeted at sailboat racers, sport fishermen, recreational boaters, commercial fleets, clubs, marinas and coastal resorts. For all you sailors and budding meteorologists, you can watch a demo via the ClearPoint website and even sign up for a seven day free trial of the Premium Edition service. The all-in-one Premium Edition is available for an annual fee of US$695 covering any 30 days throughout the year, with additional days available at US$20 per day. Unlimited annual usage is US$5,600.

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