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Clever dustbin - just sweep the dust near the bin

Clever dustbin - just sweep the dust near the bin
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23 July, 2004 Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective - so sayeth Gizmag after seeing the SweepEZE, a dustbin which uses infrared technology to detect dirt and debris you sweep up to it, and automatically sucks it up, saving you all the hassle of a dustpan and brush or getting out the vacuum cleaner. Containing a powerful 600-watt motor, the SweepEZE sucks up dirt you sweep near it. Once an infrared beam detects the debris, the unit automatically turns itself on, and sucks up the dirt.

The SweepEZE also features a manual 'kick-start' mode in the form of a floor-operated switch. a Ideal for patios, kitchens and even your garage'just plug it into the wall and enjoy the conveniences: No more bending over to pick up the dirt, and getting the dirt all over your hands.

Its 3-quart canister has a micro-mesh internal pre-filter and a micro-fiber external final filter. Dimensions: 16 1/2" x 9 1/4" x 7"Save your back. No more bending, scooting and scooping traditional dustpans.

You'll never again spill yoursweepings trying to dump them into the wastebasket. Keeping your hard surface floors clean was never so easy!

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