Most Gizmag readers should be aware of the importance of backing up data, and this is probably because at one time or another countless hours of work have been lost due to hard drive failure or any other of a number of disaster scenarios. Taking the hassle out of backing up would therefore seem a good idea, and Clickfree is back at this year’s CES with some follow-ups to its 2009 Transformer.

Included in the new range is an updated C2N backup drive, offering up to 640GB of storage, that is now capable of working with files over a network using the new BackupLink technology. It also updates the aforementioned Transformer with a new Network Edition allowing you to use your own USB storage, and has added a 32GB Secure Digital card for notebooks with card readers and a 16GB microSD card for portable devices.

All offer similar functionality, which is to automatically backup a pre-selected group of files when connected. All of the necessary software is stored on the device itself, so nothing needs to be copied to or installed on a computer.

Scheduled for release sometime this March, prices range from USD$160 to USD$220 for 250GB to 640GB C2N drives, USD$100 for the Transformer, USD$150 for the Secure Digital card and USD$90 for the microSD.