While most experienced photographers think nothing of changing the lens on their camera, others find it difficult to do on the fly while juggling their camera, lenses and lens caps. The Clip and Lens Flipper is a system which aims to take the stress out of changing lenses by making it easy to carry a second lens, and gives users a spare mount for the lens they are taking off the camera.

Last year GoWing released the Lens Flipper, a double-sided lens mount which was carried on a strap and allowed users to have a second lens ready to deploy. To use it photographers took the lens off their camera, attached it to one side of the Lens Flipper, removed a second lens from the other side and mounted it to their camera. The lens on the Lens Flipper could then be flipped down for carrying.

The idea was that the Lens Flipper removed the need to stop moving, get a lens out of a bag, or deal with rear lens caps. However, having a second lens dangling on a strap wasn't something which appealed to all photographers, so the firm is now back with a new add-on, the Clip. The new accessory, which is launching on Kickstarter, allows the Lens Flipper to be used on a belt, the strap of a backpack, or in a number of other ways.

The Clip consists of a bracket which can be attached to a strap using a couple of sturdy bolts. Two fold out arms can then be used to mount the Lens Flipper which can then rotate in place to do its job of carrying lenses and flipping around. The Clip and Flipper also come with an attachable cap (for covering the spare mount), a pad for mounting the device to your trousers, and a carry strap.

The makers say that the Lens Flipper and Clip weighs a combined 86 g (3 oz) and can bear a respective 100 kg (220 lb) and 60 kg (132 lb), which should mean your lenses are safe if attached properly. The Lens Flipper comes in Canon, Nikon, Sony A, Sony E and Micro Four Thirds mounts.

Folks who already have a Lens Flipper can make a Kickstarter pledge of US$35 for the Clip. Those looking for the complete set will need to fork out at least $95 (rising to $109 when the early bird levels have gone). Assuming the Clip reaches its $30,000 target by July 13 and everything else goes to plan, backers should start receiving their Clips and Flippers in August.

You can see the Clip and Flipper pitch video below.

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