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Coca-Cola and GLAM*IT make Europe’s first Magazine on a Bottle

Coca-Cola and GLAM*IT make Europe’s first Magazine on a Bottle
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March 22, 2007 The concept of miniature magazines appearing on products of all kinds drew a step closer today when On Product Publishing International (OPP) announced that Coca-Cola Belgium will be the first soft drink company to use the Magazine on a Bottle concept. Coca-Cola light and Sanoma Magazines have joined forces to create the world’s first soft drink combined with a magazine, using the labeling innovation. In April 2007, chilled Coca-Cola light 500ml PET bottles on sale in Belgium will have a free copy of a special mini edition of GLAM*IT magazine attached to the bottle. GLAM*IT is a Belgium’s leading young and glamorous fashion title. The Coca-Cola light edition consists of content which is typical for GLAM*IT but reduced to fit the bottle size. A light version of GLAM*IT has thus been created, to further associate Coca-Cola light with the lighter side of life.

OPP has been working closely with Coca-Cola Belgium to adapt the OPP label to the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. The removable 24-page magazine is contained within a custom-made self-adhesive label and is applied to the bottles using automatic labeling equipment. The unique label is used under license from OPP by Coca-Cola Belgium and has been manufactured by UK printing company Denny Bros Ltd.

OPP CEO Alex McKinnon said, “The launch of the Coca-Cola light GLAM*IT bottle marks a landmark initiative between the world’s largest soft drink company and one of Europe’s largest publishers. That these two enormously successful and respected companies have chosen to use our IP is a fantastic endorsement and one that we believe will clearly demonstrate the potential of On Product Publishing”.

Joanna Wojtalik, the inventor behind the revolutionary On Product Publishing concept, said, “On Product Publishing is all about broadening and targeting content delivery by using the mass market reach of an FMCG distribution network. In these terms, the Coca-Cola Company provides the perfect platform to utilize On Product Publishing, which will convert its Coca-Cola light bottles into an unrivalled communications tool. Effectively, the OPP label allows Coca-Cola light to place more content directly on its product and thereby enhance the relationship its consumers have with the brand at the point of purchase”.

Anouk Colardyn of the Coca-Cola light marketing team said, “This innovative packaging approach fits in perfectly with Coca-Cola light’s new campaign for 2007. Coca-Cola light is about encouraging women to live life by seeing it through pink glasses, and the special edition of GLAM*IT magazine attached to the Coca-Cola light bottle is packed with tips and tricks to help them do just that. This is yet another achievement in the innovation driven approach that marks Coca-Cola Belgium.”

Mie Van der Auwera, editor of GLAM*IT: "Adapting editorial content for another brand is only credible if brand values mutually match. In case of Coca-Cola light and GLAM*IT that was no problem. That's why it results in a powerful communication tool for both brands."

On Product Publishing is a patent pending labeling technology that enables a removable magazine to be contained within the label of a consumer good, thereby using product distribution as a new communications channel. Coca-Cola Belgium became aware of the packaging innovation after OPP won the Best Label and Best Overall Concept awards at the prestigious 2006 Bottled Water Design Awards in Bergamo, Italy.

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