The modern tree house is not just for wannabe Johnny Weissmullers, they've now become a luxury item – as demonstrated recently with the ErlebNest, HemLoft and MirrorCube. The aptly-named Cocoon Tree pod is not so much a house as a bed. It can be suspended amid the trees or erected on legs, assembled and installed without any particular skillset and comes in Beach and Jungle varieties.

The Cocoon Tree is described as a modern tree house and its makers say that it can be placed on the ground with the help of adaptable feet, or attached to a suitably-sized floating ring, installed on a platform, suspended from above, or from ropes threaded through the 12 fixing points around the circumference. The Basic model is three meters (9.84 ft) in diameter, weighs 120 kg (264 pounds), and features a spherical T6 aluminum frame covered with waterproofed white tarpaulin with mosquito nets over the openings.

There's a 2.5-meter (8.2-ft) diameter plain wood floor inside, that's been treated against moisture. Lying on top of it is a high density foam mattress with a protective cover, that's big enough to comfortably sleep two adults.

If the pod is suspended close enough to the ground, users can just climb in through any of the three access points. Higher up in the canopy, the Cocoon Tree can be accessed via supplied black polyester netting installed as a walkway, which can also act as trampoline-like safety net should the support ropes give (although the company does stress that the riggings have a weight resistance of up to 1.6 tons/1.45 tonnes each, so the support should be secure).

More permanent installations would no doubt provide an excellent excuse to put some carpentry skills to good use by creating some wooden access ramps/stairs.

The Basic Cocoon Tree pod is priced at US$7,991, with options like the hanging pack and fixing stand adding to the overall cost. It is shipped from Vietnam.

A deluxe model is also offered, which differs only in the higher grade "Ferrari" tarpaulin cover, and is priced at $8,966 (minus the optional extras).

The Jungle model has the same three-meter diameter T6 aluminum frame, but comes in a little heavier at 190 kg (418 pounds). This is due to a covering of white tarpaulin and synthetic weaving that may well be convincing enough to gain an honorary membership of the Union of Ploceidae Nest Makers, if such an organization actually existed. This model carries a $10,649 price tag, with the same optional extras available.

Finally, there's a Cocoon Beach model that was designed to replace the canopy beds on beaches, parks and swimming pools. The 2.2-meter (7.2 ft) T6 aluminum frame of this version is presented as an open structure, rather than closed cocoon, and features the same synthetic weaving as the Jungle edition. The wooden floor is home to two foam mattresses covered with a Sunbrella water-resistant fabric, and some privacy from prying eyes is offered by two fabric curtains. This version runs to $4,677.

A table version with seating for six is also included in the Cocoon Tree catalog, and something collectively known as the Cocoon Tree Splash (a toilet, sink and shower basin setup), although we haven't been given pricing information on either of these models.

Source: Cocoon Tree

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