Often thought of nostalgically as the ultimate shelter of childhood, the treehouse has made a strong push into adulthood with eye-popping locations and aesthetically-pleasing, luxurious designs. Over the past few months alone, we've seen the Hemloft, Redwoods Treehouse and EcoPerch, among a few others. Now, there's the ErlebNest - a German-designed treehouse situated within a high ropes course.

The ErlebNest is a design of Germany's Cambium GmBH, a company that specializes in rope and bridge courses. It can be integrated into such a course or installed as a standalone treetop retreat. Cambium designed the ErlebNest to blend into the natural forested environment and says that it uses natural materials in its construction.

The ErlebNest is a multi-part treehouse design. The barrel-in-the-sky that immediately draws your attention is the Cocoon sleeping quarters. The Cocoon's airy, slatted walls provide views into the surrounding landscape, and a sliding roof offers protection from the elements. The Cocoon sleeps visitors atop a king-sized bed.

The Lounge, meanwhile, serves as a living and entertaining space, where visitors can hang out, eat, drink and enjoy each other's company in an interesting setting. The Lounge is large enough to accommodate four and offers space for a table and chairs, small bar, hammock, or other furniture and accessories.

Like any good treehouse, the ErlebNest is accessed by way of ladder. Cambium says that no helmet or harness is required for the journey skywards.

"The end users do not necessarily have to be adrenaline addicts," a Cambium rep explains. "After all, spending a night in the ErlebNest is not primarily about the thrill of being high up but about the very special experience of sleeping in completely natural surroundings."

Cambium installed its first ErlebNest unit last summer in Bingen on the Rhine and plans a six-unit facility in Lake Constance, the Alpine retreat that plays home to the OutDoor Friedrichshafen show where Cambium recently exhibited. It offers the unit to both businesses looking for a unique type of accommodation and individuals looking for a stylish, prefabricated treehouse. It can handle all construction or provide a kit for self-assembly.

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