Commercially branding laptop computers; marketing tool and anti-theft deterrent

Commercially branding laptop computers; marketing tool and anti-theft deterrent
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September 13, 2005 If you've never thought of your laptop computer as a way to distinguish yourself, your company or organization from another, this article might help. Laptop Design USA has been launched to commercially brand laptops with companies and organizations' colors, logos and trademarks. More than 15 million laptops were sold in the U.S. each year, with laptop theft running at half a million units. Most countries mirror high laptop sales and extraordinary theft rates – by turning your computer into an ambassador for your company, you also create a significant theft deterrent.

"The first reaction we receive is 'why hasn't someone thought of this before?'," said Peder Blohm, the company's founder and a veteran marketer and international branding specialist.

"The interest in branding laptops depends on who we talk to within each organization," said Blohm. "Marketing people understand the value of branding, while accountants and administrators see its value in reducing loss and theft."

The average replacement cost of a laptop computer is estimated to be $5,000 which includes hardware, software, and peripherals plus the cost of time for the laptop owner while the computer is being replaced. An even greater cost is the potential exposure and liability that results from lost confidential information.

Laptop Design has developed a high quality process to apply a durable, automotive-quality finish to the exterior top surface, without touching the computer's internal parts or affecting the manufacturer's warranty. The company's paint specialists can match virtually any color to produce matte, high gloss and metallic finishes. Using a customer's proprietary colors, logos and trademarks, Laptop Design provides custom designed layouts for the greatest visual appeal.

"If you're working in the field or making a sales presentation, a branded laptop is just going to reinforce your company's identity," added Blohm. "And, you won't be carrying a mouse-gray laptop that can be easily stolen and resold for cash."

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