Communicator makes childsplay of family communications

Communicator makes childsplay of family communications
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Childrens communications have long since graduated from two tin cans joined by a tight piece of string. Even the "walkie talkie" is becoming obsolete with the recent US launch of a wrist-worn radio device designed specifically for children. The XAct WristLinx communicator delivers two-way voice communication over 22 voiceactivated channels within in a 2-3 kilometre radius, making it an ideal way for families and groups of friends to keep in touch at sporting events, shopping centres or around the home. In addition to the convenience of being able to find the kids in a crowd, there's the fun of pretending you are on board the Starship Enterprise. The Wristlinx is a bonus for users looking for a low-cost, local-area alternative to mobile phones. WristLinx uses FRS and GMRS requencies in the US and is expected to operate in a similar range when it hits the local market in the first quarter of 2003. The Wristlinx also interacts with other handheld products operating on the same radio frequencies and costs US$40 or $50 depending on the model. There's no word yet on a local price or distributor, so in the meantime, see

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