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Completely remote PowerPoint p...
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April 17, 2006 The Powerpoint presentation remains a crucial corporate communication tool and the latest X-Pointer II Wireless presenters look to us to offer a significant advantage over most other presentation devices. Boasting a 50 metre, the US$180 X-Pointer II operating range allow users complete geographic freedom to walk amongst the audience to read the response, while controlling PowerPoint presentations remotely without the need to physically stand by their computers. The wireless mouse and laser pointer weighs in at just 60g but the ability to have 256 MB of built-in flash memory means you can have your presentation in the remote too – great for plug-and-play functionality after last minute adjustments.

The built-in memory means users have the ultimate in mobility as they can save their presentations on the unit without the need for additional disks or drives. X-Pointer is seeking international distribution. Contact Sharon Frazer for details The X-Pointer II operates on multi-channel 2.4 GHz offering users superior stability and control.

View gallery - 5 images
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