The big stars of this year's Geneva Motor Show are clearly the supercars, but concept cars are proving a memorable supporting cast. In addition to new concepts and design studies from the big manufacturers, Geneva is also the place to find debuts from Italian design houses and design schools. This year's show has plenty of concepts to see, from 4x4 adventure minivans, to classically influenced roadsters, to cutting edge autonomous cars, on to hydrogen-powered track cars.

A few of our favorites ...

Opel GT Concept

We looked at the GT Concept exterior and interior designs prior to Geneva, so we knew this was bound to be a favorite. It didn't disappoint in the flesh, tantalizing the eyes with its combination of colorful, curvy styling, high-tech cockpit, and unique design cues like its oversized, fixed-window doors.

Italdesign Giugiaro GTZero

After taking in every angle of Italdesign's stretched-out electric GT concept, we're not sure if we love or hate the shooting brake-meets-estate styling. It's too long to be a properly sporty, sexy shooting brake, but its two doors make it too small and impractical to play the role of wagon. Still, something about its geometric window framing and long, sloped roof resonates days later - and we guess that's what a good design house concept car should do.

DS E-Tense

Citroën always knows how to liven up a motor show with unique concept cars, and it looks like its new DS premium brand will follow suit. Even if you think, as some seem to, that the E-Tense's overall look is too similar to existing cars like the Audi R8 or Lexus LC500, unique styling points like the rear windshield-free roof, wavy, vented flanks and rotating LED headlamps give the E-Tense a presence like no other car in Geneva. The 402-hp, ~200-mile (~322-km) range electric powertrain puts a little icing on a stylish cake.

Those are our favorites, but be sure to stop by the full Geneva Motor Show concept car photo gallery and discover your own. Let us know what you decide in the comments section.

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