If something is big and/or heavy enough to transport on a bicycle trailer, then it’s likely also unwieldy to carry by hand. Well, that’s why the Convert was created. It’s a bicycle trailer that can be converted into a cargo dolly.

The device was invented by industrial designer Joshua Brassé, who was also behind the Incog multi-tool. When in trailer mode, the Convert attaches to the bike’s rear axle using a standard hitch and pin. At this point, the trailer’s moveable wheel axle is situated towards the middle of the unit, in order to support the cargo’s weight most effectively while being towed.

Once the cyclist reaches their destination, the Convert can be quickly unhitched and tipped up on its back end. Its axle is then released and swung down, so that the wheels are in the proper place to allow it to be used as a dolly. The cargo can simply be left as it was when in trailer mode.

Although the images seen here are renderings, Brassé informs us that he has built a working prototype of the Convert. He is now attempting to raise production funds on the ideacious crowd-funding website. A pledge of US$5 will get your name on the list to purchase a Convert of your own, which will cost you an additional $585 when and if they reach production.

Source: ideacious

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