People like cooking oil spray for a number of reasons – it only takes a second or two to apply oil to a pan, just a thin layer of oil will stop food from sticking and there’s very little wastage. Unfortunately, one less desirable aspect of using cooking oil spray is that whilst the cans may contain pure oil - they could also contain propellants. That’s where the Oil Only Spray System comes in. It’s a new way to dispense pure cooking oil by using air rather than a propellant. So you still get all the benefits of a cooking oil spray without any unwanted chemicals.

The Oil Only Spray System uses a special valve system and a unique actuator that is capable of atomizing 100% pure oil without the need for additives. It can dispense pure oil in a spray, drip or steam form. The oil is expected to be offered in a pure form or perhaps with added flavorings and will be manufactured in a four-layer pouch. This will ensure that the oil’s shelf life is extended and that oxidation is eliminated.

The spray system will be distributed by TricorBraun and manufactured by B.O.V. Solutions in partnership with Lindal Group. There’s no word on when it is expected on the supermarket shelf, but it certainly sounds like another way to reduce added chemicals from your diet and the environment.

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