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Creating the clean diesel engine

Creating the clean diesel engine
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Ron Kukler has spent 30 years as a combustion engineer, before he had a specific need - he wanted a lightweight diesel engine for a high-speedboating application and available motors were too heavy, too noisy, too expensive, or vibrated too much, and they were all imported. So he decided to create his own.

The end-result may yet play a role in the history of the internal combustion engine as the two-stage injector has resulted in not only a 30% power increase and a 30% reduction in fuel consumption, it has reduced diesel emmissions by 97% and is capable of meeting both US and European 2008 emmission requirements. The entire system including the pressure pump is included in the injector itself, as it is self-energising, using the pressure in the combustion chamber for power.

The two stage injector offers additional benefits over existing diesel engines - it significantly reduces combustion noise and vibration too.

Ron recently became a joint winner of the Australian Design Awards' Invention of the Year Award 2003 for his invention - follow the links below for further information or contact Ron via email at

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