DARPA and the US Army have done it with military vehicles, and Volkswagen has done it with a hovering car concept – they've turned to laypeople for design ideas. Now, Nissan is doing the same thing with the next generation of its off-road capable Titan truck. The automaker claims that it will be the world's first crowd-sourced pickup.

For the first phase of what it's calling Project Titan, Nissan has invited "shooting, hunting and outdoor journalists" to submit a tweet or video, describing an ultimate outdoor adventure in which they would like to see the truck used. Those adventures could include things like "four wheeling across the Baja, hunting big game in Alaska or fishing for steelhead in Idaho" ... you get the idea.

Nissan will select a winner, and proceed to build a Project Titan truck incorporating the modifications that would be required in order to pull off that adventure. Although it will be a one-off, the truck will reportedly serve as a design guide for the production version of the next-gen Titan.

The project will culminate with an injured armed forces veteran getting a chance to take the truck on an adventure of their own, accompanied by an outdoor journalist who will be documenting the experience.

Nissan did something similar with its 2012 Project 370Z, in which it created a special version of its 370Z sports car based on input from the public.

Source: Nissan