Small Milan-based custom bike builder CR&S brought something big to its home town this week with the unveiling of the Cafédecursa cafe racer at EICMA 2015.

The Cafédecursa has the same massive S&S 117 cu. in. X Wedge engine that was at the heart of the company's original Duu muscle cruiser that debuted as a prototype at EICMA in 2009. It also shares the Duu's big stainless steel backbone, which also serves as the gas tank, wheels, exhaust, brakes, and stainless steel swing arm, but gets café style handlebars and fairing, new rear lights, and an aluminum air intake.

That big V-twin still kicks out 96 hp (71 kW) at 5100 rpm, but CR&S somehow managed to squeeze some more torque into their cafe model with a claimed 117 ft-lb (158 Nm) at 4300 rpm.

That power drives the 540 lb/245 kg (dry weight) Cafédecursa to 80 mph in 7.4 seconds (0 to 60 mph is evidently not an option) with maximum speed listed at 125 mph (over 200 km/h).

CR&S has also outfitted the Cafédecursa with the same inverted 48 mm telescopic fork with adjustable damping and spring preload found on the front of the Duu, along with the same single progressive shock on the back. A set of dual 4 piston Brembos in the front and a single 2 piston in the back bring this beast to a stop. The whole package sits on 17" light alloy wheels in the front and back.

In keeping with the tendency of café bikes to be slightly stingy on fuel capacity, the Cafédecursa holds 3.7 gallons (14.5 liters) – 0.4 gallons less than the Duu. With fuel consumption listed at an estimated 32 mpg (13.8 km/l), you'll be looking for a gas station before you hit a hundred miles.

The original Duu was noted for providing owners a plethora of customization options, both mechanical and aesthetic, and CR&S is promising the same for Cafédecursa buyers. This includes the choice of a five or six-speed Baker transmission, solo or twin seat, modifications to the driving position and suspension, a patented folding windshield, machine alloyed fins, a belly pan, plus different chassis finishes and graphics.

Evidently, the one element where choice is not an option is the color. Black is it.

While CR&S isn't providing a firm availability date or starting price, this hulking custom creation won't come cheap. If the starting price of around €44,000 (US for the Duu is any comparison, buyers can probably expect a similar price range for the Cafédecursa.

Source: CR&S

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