Hammock lovers, sit up and take notice. After hitting the market with everything from thermally insulated tents to hammock-tent hybrids, Crua Outdoors is updating the hammock into a cozy pod you can spend the entire day and night in. The new Koala lets you lie down or sit up, and it keeps all your necessities and entertainment close at hand. Once you drop into this distinctive relaxation cocoon, you won't likely want to leave for quite a while – and you won't have to.

The Koala works for both lazy-afternoon hangs and fully sheltered overnighters. It has a pair of spreader poles that can remove to transform it from a flat, comfortable overnight lie to a traditional, bunched-end human pea pod. An available mesh bug net and tarp provide full overnight protection against naturally occurring discomforts.

Easily the coolest Koala feature is its multi-position adjustment system. By rigging up a third anchor strap, you can pull the top of the hammock higher, creating a seated position perfect for times you want zero-gravity comfort but don't want to lie down. In essence, the Koala gives you both an outdoor chair and a hammock in one.

The last hammock we looked at with lie/sit functionality was the Amok Draumr, which used a different, side-anchored configuration.

Crua promotes relaxation in the wild with a bunch of added comfort and convenience features. The soft-touch interior fabric brings a little of the on-skin comfort of fine linen into your hammock, while the outer fabric offers weather protection from rain and wind. An included inflatable pillow fits neatly in the pillow sleeve, providing a comfy place to drop a head heavied by a day of hiking and other outdoor activities.

Going well beyond just the usual drink pocket, Crua gives the Koala a full arrangement of storage pockets, including a tablet hanger designed to let you enjoy digital programming during your hang. There are three water-resistant pockets to protect your electronics and valuables, a koozie-style drink pocket, a snack pocket, and an oversized stuff pocket for things like blankets and clothes. The pockets are distributed around the sides of the upper half of the hammock for easy access. You'll be able to hang valuables up in the air within arm's reach, rather than leaving them exposed on the ground.

Other Crua Koala accessories include a wraparound quilt bag for hanging out in chillier weather and a hanging LED light for use inside the hammock.

The main Koala package with hammock, bug mesh, spreader poles and carabiners weighs 2 lb (925 g), and the tree straps add another 14 oz (385 g). The tarp weighs a pound (455 g), and the quilt bag adds 2.2 lb (1 kg).

Crua is currently trying to get the Koala off the ground (yep, bad pun) with a Kickstarter campaign. It's offering four different packages, all of which include the hammock, spreader poles, tree straps, pillow and mesh bug cover. That basic package starts at the $79 pledge level, while the full kit, which adds all the available accessories, including the tablet holder, LED light, quilt and tarp, starts at the $159 level. Crua estimates retail pricing between $129 and $249.

Crua has already raised more than 10 times its $20K goal, so it looks like the campaign will be a runaway success. If everything else moves as planned, it will get the first Koalas out to backers in September.

Source: Kickstarter

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