Cutting-edge Concept Boat competition entries displayed

Cutting-edge Concept Boat competition entries displayed
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Organisers of the Concept Boat competition recently revealed the 16 finalists that are a step closer to receiving the coveted crown of Concept Boat winner 2004. The shortlisted designs were displayed at the Southampton (UK) Boat Show from 10-19 September 2004.

Concept Boat is the annual competition to design a boat of the future run by the British Marine Federation and supported by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. This year, sponsored by the Environment Agency, judges challenged entrants from around the world to design a recreational or commercial craft that either makes increased use of renewable resources, are energy efficient or are of a low emission or non-polluting design.

Judges were impressed at the variety of quirky, interesting and novel designs that flooded in from all over the world including Buenos Aires, Rome, Queensland and Nova Scotia. The lucky winner will have a model prototype of their design built and displayed at the famous Schroders London Boat Show in January 2005 as well as taking home £5000.

Interesting entries include:

Triple Alliance Triple Alliance, a futuristic designed boat which attempts to integrate three different types of renewable energy sources.- can be scaled up or down according to intended use. This would be commercial, for example inter island ferry, fishing or cruising. Designed by Chris Watson, UK

River Cruiser - light displacement, low impact river and sheltered water cruiser. Accommodation for up to 6 adults. Constructed from sandwich composites. Designed by Michael Tila, New Zealand

Manta Sub - a multi person underwater diving submersible, carrying six tourists on an underwater safari experiencing the sensation of scuba diving and contact with the surrounding environment. Designed by Oliver Jones, UK.

Remora Underwater Submersible - Cleaning - designed to clean and collect matter off the hull of smaller moored vessels or larger international tankers. It sucks onto the surface and 2 people operate it. Designed by Brendan Sweeney, New Zealand

Nymphaea - an inspiration for the use of renewable energy and sustainable living in harmony with nature. Designed by Martin Bishop, UK Deep Snooper, a craft designed to help eco-tourism in ecologically sensitive marine environments.

Francis Power of the Environment Agency commented: "We have been amazed at the range and scope of the shortlisted designs. The Environment Agency is keen to promote and protect both our costal and inland waterways. Hopefully some of the designs will make it from concept to reality and they'll be able to play their part in preserving the water environment."

View gallery - 5 images
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