Despite some recent design improvements in field, it's still pretty hard to pedal around with a helmet-mounted rear-view mirror and look stylish. There are, however, alternatives for the fashion conscious cyclist. The CyFy WristView integrates a rear-view mirror into a bracelet, giving you a low profile, adjustable means of checking for traffic behind you.

If you went to elementary school around the same time I did, you probably remember the slap bracelet - a pliable piece of metal that curls into bracelet form when you slap it against your wrist. They were all the rage for a very brief but passionate period around the start of the 90s. Then, schools began banning them for causing injury and distraction. Some schoolyard rebels continued to sneak them around in their pocket or backpack for a couple months, but then the trend faded nearly as quickly as it had rose to prominence. Slap bracelets all but disappeared.

They're back. Bent Grass Concepts has resurrected the slap bracelet for something a little more useful than mindlessly slapping decorated metal against your wrist. It's attached a convex mirror to the bracelet in what it's calling the world's first wrist-mounted cycling mirror. Simply hold your wrist up; check that you're clear; and make the turn or merge safely.

Bent Grass Concepts claims that the bracelet design is safer and easier to use than a bike-mounted mirror, eliminating the impulse to "turn the wheel in the opposite direction to see what is behind you." When compared to a helmet mirror, Bent Grass says the WristView provides a wider field of vision without any of the associated rattling.

The slap bracelet design means that the CyFy fits all sizes of cyclists, from child to adult. It should also prove quick and easy to secure - simply slap it, adjust it into place and be on your way. The bracelet includes a felt backing for a soft, comfortable feel against the skin.

In addition to its integrated mirror, the WristView contributes to safety in several other ways. It is bright and reflective, adding a little nighttime visibility. The bracelet also includes a section for writing in identification and emergency medical information.

The CyFy WristView was funded on Kickstarter earlier this year and is making a debut at the Interbike bike trade show in Las Vegas this week. It is available on Amazon for a list price of US$25. Work is underway to get the product into the hands of additional distributors in and out of the U.S.

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