Cylo is a brand of urban bicycle that's completely new to the market, and its creators are so confident they've brought together the right mix of ingredients that they're claiming Cylo is the "ultimate urban bicycle."

Cylo is the brainchild of two brothers who grew up in France but who now reside in Portland, Oregon. This explains the origin of the name, Cylo paying tribute to the English word "bicycle" and the French word "velo." None of the innovations sported by the Cylo range are particularly new or unique, but bringing them together into individual machines is where Cylo aims to prove its worth.

The Cylo bicycles feature an aluminum frame, chosen for its strength-to-weight ratio, and a carbon belt chain, which promises performance and reliability. They also feature front and rear LED lights built into the frames, which provide 205 lumens of illumination. There is also a brake light, triggered by an accelerometer, that's designed to prevent Cylo users being hit from behind. The lights are powered by a dynamo, meaning the more you ride the more they shine. They also keep operating for five minutes after you stop pedaling.

Three models of Cylo are being made, with prices ranging from US$1850 to $3150. The entry-level model will be single-speed, while the high-end model will have an 11-speed gearing system. There are other differences between the models but all feature aluminum frames and carbon belt chains. The model pictured is the Cylo One, which currently has a price tag of $2199.

Cylo is currently in pre-production, with the parts and manufacturing still being finalized. The first batch of 50 bicycles is due to go on sale in the coming months, with interested parties currently being asked to add their name to the waiting list. This initial batch will only be sold in the US, with no word yet on shipping internationally. Future innovations being eyed include a front-mounting rack, and an e-bike version.

Source: Cylo

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