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BioLogic ReeCharge Power Pack makes the most out of pedal power

BioLogic ReeCharge Power Pack makes the most out of pedal power
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If your bike has a hub dynamo, the BioLogic ReeCharge Power Pack lets you run portable USB powered devices while you ride. Whilst we've recently seen bicycle recharge kits, the ability to charge via USB is pretty novel. Basically it's a battery with a USB port that charges from the energy generated by your dynamo and then tops-up your device when you plug it in. That means you can charge the battery and then charge your device when you arrive at your destination, or, if it's practical, charge your device on the go, allowing you to use your smartphone's GPS function whilst riding.

Dahon put some thought into the practicalities of the design too - the 1600 mAh Lithium polymer battery's stored in a waterproof silicon case, with sealed connectors so that you can still charge it when you're riding in the rain. Plus the unit can be detached, so, once you finish your ride, the battery can also be easily removed and taken inside to be charged by USB or from the wall. It comes with connectors for different devices including, iPhones, newer Nokias andSony, Samsung and BlackBerry devices.

According to Bike Hugger, it will take you about 3 hours to charge your iPhone, so you'll need to spend a bit of time on your bike to charge larger batteries from scratch, but it's certainly a neat way to keep your devices charged - and make extra use of your pedal-power - when you're on the move.

The Biologic ReeCharge should be available any day now for around US$100.

Anumakonda Jagadeesh
Another interesting application of PEDAL POWER.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
Gabriela Sinevici
Hi.I\'m interested in buying The Biologic ReeCharge .I just have 2 questions and im hoping you could help me with some answers. Is The Biologic ReeCharge powerfull enough to charge a macbook ? Do you have a usb charger adaptor for mac?
This is ridiculous...first...3 hours to charge a simple small battery like the one on an iPhone? Who does that? Second, anybody who\'s ever ridden a bike with a dynamo *KNOWS* that one mile feels like 3 miles without a dynamo...I can\'t imagine riding my bike for 3 hours just to get my cellphone charged! This is as silly as those solar chargers!...Yeah, they work...in a pinch, but there are several thousand more practical ways of doing it!
I stumbled on this post when looking for a similar product for my husband. He loves to ride, and he wanted to use stats apps and gps on his HTC incredible. But the phone battery would be dead 45 minutes into the ride!
I checked out Reecharge. It was a little too complicated for me - I could not figure out what other accessories would be needed which made me nervous. It was also quite pricy. So I looked around and found this: http://www.bike2power.com/smartphone-bicycle-charger-kit.html
Hubbie is happy and so am I (cuase I can call him any time). He uses the kit all the time. It is pretty durable and works well after 4 months of use. Dynamo needs to be readjusted periodically.