DARPA commissions a military "stealth motorcycle"

DARPA commissions a military "stealth motorcycle"
One of BRD's existing electric off-road motorbikes
One of BRD's existing electric off-road motorbikes
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One of BRD's existing electric off-road motorbikes
One of BRD's existing electric off-road motorbikes

An elite team of commandos zip across rough enemy terrain, on motorcycles that produce no engine noise, yet that also have more range than pure electric bikes ... That's a scenario that DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) would like to make real. To that end, it recently gave a small business innovation research grant to Logos Technologies, to develop the bikes.

Virginia-based Logos has developed a multifuel hybrid-electric power system, that can be run in a near-silent electric mode. The plan is to put that system into an off-road platform made by project partner BRD, a San Francisco company that manufactures electric motorcycles (including one made for police use).

According to Logos, "This initiative will be the first time that a two-wheel-drive, multifuel hybrid capability has been integrated into a full-size off-road motorcycle."

Besides helping to keep the bikes from being heard by enemy forces, the electric drive system will allow them to go farther than they could on fuel alone, while the option of running on fuel will in turn give them more range than would be offered by a pure-electric setup. That's an important consideration, given that military teams behind enemy lines aren't likely to have a lot of chances to gas up or charge batteries.

Additionally, the hybrid drive system could be used to produce electricity for powering other devices while in the field.

Source: Logos Technologies

Rudy V
Oh sure, I can see all kinds of uses: " behind enemy lines" in a James Bond flick, but that's about it! So where exactly does the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency get it's funding for this type of Fantasy Nonsense? And yes, I do think the bike has potental for weekend warriors:), I just don't think we should have to pay for the research.
Not a great post Rudy.
Obviously you have never been in combat or having to supply soldiers with what they need.
Vs this is an excellent idea greatly increasing combat range, capability/man/$
As for cost these are a lot less than gas only ones especially in theater where fuel can be very expensive and limit effectiveness.
Also these can be fueled by solar, wind or river power.
Using fuel range because of EV drive their mpg is 2-4x's as much. For instance going downhill or mountain these will recharge the batteries.
I guess you don't understand to the military, climate change and the end of Fossil fuels is our largest threat to both national and economic security THEY SAY.
Or are you deluded that we have 100 yrs of oil, etc? Facts are in 20-30 yrs FF's will be too expensive to burn as too costly to produce vs the competition, many that don't have fuel costs like solar, wind, etc. So switching isn't really a choice, just when is the only difference.
In 3 yrs EV's will cost the same as FF cars and cost only 20% as much to run. Now who do you think is going to win that? And EV's will only get cheaper and gasoline cars more, No?
Home, building solar already is cheaper than any utility power in most of the US and many other low tech 1-4kw machines will be soon, more simple than a moped.
It's this that will end the oil, FF era, cheap power vs ever more expensive prices itself out of the market.

A military ebike already exists. Why not use or build on this...
Stephen N Russell
any plans for commercial use IE adventure tourism etc??