Last day to save an additional 20% off this 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Kit

Last day to save an additional 20% off this 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Kit
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While robots have been around since the mid-1900s, we’ve come a long way since then. While early imaginations may have us thinking of Rosie from the Jetsons or Star Wars’ R2D2, robots now are landing on Mars. Suffice it to say, robotics is our future.

From vacuuming our floors to inspecting our sewer pipes, from becoming our new pets to helping to nurse us back to health, robots have touched almost every aspect of our lives. No matter the field—manufacturing, logistics, space exploration, military, entertainment, travel, healthcare, and of course in our own homes—robots have become almost commonplace, taking on tasks that may be mundane, dangerous, or hazardous for humans (without complaint we might add). It is not surprising then that careers in robotics are in high demand across almost all industries.

Let us introduce you to Mirobot, a 6-axis mini industrial robot arm. Ready to use right out of the box, the arm is designed for AI robotic learners and is perfect for young engineers with their eyes on the future. With high precision and omnidirectional movement, it is the ideal tool for learning and demonstrating real-life potential uses. It comes complete with a Bluetooth robot controller that is designed like a real industrial robot pendant. You will also receive a variety of resource material through WLKATA, including textbooks, tutorials, source code, DIY guidance, models, and more, to help inform and guide you. Easy to use and powerful, the WLKATA Mirobot is a professional-grade tool that allows you to simulate real-world robotic and AIoT uses in a test setting right on a desktop.

WLKATA Mirobot 6 Axis Robot Arm - AI Smart Factory STEM Education Learning Smart Device

If you have a budding robotics engineer in your home, if you are an educator in the field, or if you simply have a keen interest in all things AI, consider this WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Professional Kit. For today only, it can be yours for a further 20% off our already reduced price. By entering the promo code WINTER20 at checkout, you will pay only $1,565.60. And be sure to check out all our offerings during our Winter Savings event before it’s too late, as December 15th is our last day.

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