Indoor sustainable farming is made simple with this vertical garden

Indoor sustainable farming is made simple with this vertical garden
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Growing produce from the comfort of home saves you money and also helps you live sustainably. But what if you don't have a backyard? The AEVA: Modern Hydroponic Garden System helps make growing your own food as common as owning a microwave.

With studies suggesting that plants have the possibility of offsetting CO2 emissions, we should all be going on plant-growing sprees. You're in luck if you've ever wanted to start a full-on garden at home but don't have the space. The AEVA: Modern Hydroponic Garden System has changed the way people live their everyday lives, especially city dwellers.

Made in Canada, the vertical planting system quickly turns any area in your home or office into a living piece of art. Measuring at the height of 71.25" and a width of 37" and made with a solid wood frame, chrome legs, and a BPA-free interior, the planting mechanism allows you to grow up to 16 plants at a time. It produces an impressive 10 lbs. of produce per month, saving you trips to the grocery store and helping you live healthier.

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The process is simple: plug the garden into a regular socket, add your seed pods of choice (the kit already comes with a starter pack of 16 seeds), and watch your food grow. With full-spectrum white LED grow lights that fit in seamlessly with any decor, water, and a nutrient-based solution automatically working simultaneously to nourish the garden, you won't have to worry about forgetting to mend to your plants.

With a nifty mobile app integrated with the system, you'll receive alerts when it's time to add fertilizer or refill the water reservoir. There's also extra storage in the structure, accommodating other household products. Reduce stress, improve air quality, and help make your home a better place overall with this practical and beautiful vertical garden.

Regularly priced at $1,199, The AEVA: Modern Hydroponic Garden System can be yours today for $999 — saving you $200. Make space for a luscious garden in any sized home or office, and start your farming journey.

Prices subject to change.