Achieve greater online privacy with this 5-yr subscription at 66% off

Achieve greater online privacy with this 5-yr subscription at 66% off
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With our lives intertwined in the digital world more and more, it can be overwhelming to know how to protect our data. Control D helps take control of your online activities and protects your data from prying eyes.

Control D, a one-touch solution for the ultimate control of your digital data, prides itself on providing enhanced security and overall improved performance and caters to your online presence. Offering complete protection on up to 10 devices, the service blocks over 300 services and many popular 3rd party blocklists such as 1Hosts-Pro, Energized-Ultimate, and StevenBlack Unified, keeping pesky ads and unwanted messages at bay while you work or browse the internet.

Rated an impressive 5.0 out of 5 rating on Product Hunt, the top-rated service improves productivity levels by supporting a customized blocking schedule that you can customize to your viewing needs. It allows you to easily block the things you don't want to see when you don't want to see them so you can concentrate on your tasks at hand.

It also works excellently with navigating internet safety for kids and provides the tools to ensure they are staying away from unwanted content. With ease, view your favorite sites securely — whether it be educational webpages, games, movie streaming platforms, or e-commerce sites.

With no installation required, you can enjoy a speedy private network anytime and anywhere. Whether you're home or traveling, the service allows you to create unique browsing profiles that cater to all your family devices, all under one account. Its intuitive dashboard makes the service easy to navigate and even allows you to switch your location to other countries — circumventing censorship without using a VPN app.

The Control D: 5-Yr Subscription can be yours for only $39.99. That's $80 off its original price of $120. Your online privacy and security should come first. With this top-rated subscription, you'll be on your way to making it a reality for you and your family.

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