Unleash your inner artist with this creative bundle for less than $30

Unleash your inner artist with this creative bundle for less than $30
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Ever find yourself absent-mindedly doodling? While teachers may have scolded you for scribbling in the margins instead of paying attention, it seems that doodling may actually be beneficial. In fact, you may have been honing your artistic skills.

In a 2017 study at Drexel University, it was concluded that “art making could be a way to regulate mood [and] addictive behaviors.” It can help improve your memory recall and improve your focus (take that, teachers!). It can make problem-solving a little easier. Moreover, it can increase your creativity.

As a whole, art is good for you. Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” It provides that escape you need from the doldrums you may be experiencing. It allows you, if even for a little while, to ignore what’s happening in the world around you. It offers you the means to self-express. It could even have long-term health benefits. Studies have shown that arts and crafts may reduce the risk of thinking and memory problems that can lead to dementia.

Now that the virtues of art have been extolled, perhaps you want to take your doodling to the next level. While you may think that your talent is not up to par, you’ll never know until you try. Whether you’re a beginner who is just getting your creative juices flowing, or an advanced artist looking to sharpen your skills, this Fundamental of Drawing & Shading Bundle is for you. It offers four courses of varying levels. From pencil drawing for beginners to advanced techniques of shading, the bundle provides instruction on an assortment of methods, designed to give you the ability and confidence to turn your ideas into real works of art.

The courses are taught by Tamas Benko, a brand-new top-rated instructor with a love for sharing his passion and knowledge of art with his students. He believes that you don't need to be born for creating great artwork but can learn the fundamentals while having a fun time doing so.

Normally valued at $800, or $200 per course, lifetime access to this creative bundle can now be yours for only $29.99. It’s time for your inner artist to shine!

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