Charge 13 devices at once with this Kickstarter-funded solar generator

Charge 13 devices at once with this Kickstarter-funded solar generator
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Are you planning the next family camping adventure? Do you need a power backup plan in case of an emergency? The EcoFlow DELTA Power Station brings dynamic power and versatility to all your charging needs with its innovative technology.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, The EcoFlow DELTA Power Station packs quite the punch for mobile efficiency. Equipped with impressive X-Stream Technology, a game-changing capability that recharges at ten times the speed of standard power stations, the generator powers up to 13 devices (of all sorts) at a time. Its impressive eco-friendly construction is battery operated and emits no carbon emissions or irritating noises. The highly intuitive display allows you to keep track of all your essential electronics and appliances effortlessly while at home or off the grid with a user-friendly interface.

Introduction of DELTA

With a lithium-ion battery with 1,260Wh and 6 x 1,800 AC outlets, the EcoFlow DELTA equips you with a generous supply of power during any electricity-free natural location disaster or emergency — bringing you peace of mind when you need it most. Plus, its different connection ports allow for versatility and wide-range compatibility for devices of all kinds — including laptops, smartphones, medical appliances, stereo systems, cooking tools, power tools, and more.

Both compact and lightweight, the maintenance-free generator fully recharges at 80% in only one hour with some of the fastest recharge rates on the market. Easily connect EcoFlow DELTA to solar panels or 12/24V carports and quickly reboot the gadget for the next round of power. The complete bundle also includes a DELTA bag — to store the generator when it's not in use safely — and several charging cables for versatile recharging.

Be prepared for the unexpected with this durable and innovative power charging station and use it for any situation with the EcoFlow DELTA Power Station. Regularly priced at $1,399, you can purchase this clever device that provides clean, quiet, and renewable power at $300 off and $1,095.

Prices subject to change.