Save over $5,000 off this electric massage chair

Save over $5,000 off this electric massage chair
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Wouldn’t it be great if, after a long, hard day of work, you could come home and experience a soothing massage and release the stress, tension, and pressure that's been building? Well, now you can, thanks to this wondrous multifunctional recliner.

Beyond just making you feel good, massages, in general, can actually be good for your health. They are known to reduce pain and muscle soreness, improve circulation, lower heart rate, and blood pressure, and improve immune function. They can help to eliminate headaches and lower cortisol levels. A massage chair, and this one, in particular, is effective at targeting several areas of the body at once, while also sending healing heat waves to the lower back. And more importantly, you can receive restorative power whenever you feel the need.

Electric Massage Chair With Bluetooth music Headrest & U-shaped Pillow + LCD Touch (CAD1292)

So sit back and relax in the luxury. This chair's zero-gravity design will help to relieve any pressure on the joints and muscles while enhancing blood circulation and improving lung capacity. The built-in Bluetooth allows you to listen to your favorite playlist while the tension in your body slowly seeps away. The included compression airbag adds another level of relief by loosening up muscles, inflating, and deflating during the massage to give a therapeutic effect, while the U-shaped pillow adds additional comfort. By using the AI color touch screen, you can pinpoint exactly what part of your body needs the most attention.

So while it’s true that going to the spa has its perks, the reality is that it’s not that convenient. You need to schedule an appointment and go only during their working hours. That’s not always conducive to when whatever ails you needs attention. Instead, consider this massage recliner. Not only can you get the relief you want when you want it, but it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that is sure to enhance your décor. It’s available now for more than $5,000 off the regular suggested price of $7,999. For just $2,499.99 you can start enjoying all the benefits this chair has to offer.

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