Take your summer adventures to the skies with this 4K HD drone on sale

Take your summer adventures to the skies with this 4K HD drone on sale
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TL;DR: Pay only $89.99 for the Epic Flight S89 4K HD Drone that can capture crystal-clear images and footage and perform all sorts of stunts.

With summer in full swing, now may be the most opportune time to take your adventures to the skies. This deal on the Epic Flight 4K HD Drone lets you immortalize your summer escapades like never before.

Drones can be intimidating to anyone who has never maneuvered one, but the Epic Flight S89 4K HD Drone is designed in a way that empowers beginners to explore the skies with absolute ease. Its gesture photo control lets you control the drone via the accompanying app with the point of a finger, but you can always tinker with the included remote control to navigate your drone from a higher distance. One-click landing is also an option, which enables the drone to find its way back to you and land automatically.

Epic Flight™ - S89 4K HD Drone

In terms of output, its high-quality 4K camera can capture crisp photos and crystal-clear footage. You can even spice things up by taking advantage of the drone's 360-degree stunt roll to perform fun air performances. But if you want a steady flight, you can turn on the headless mode that locks the direction of the remote controller as heading. It features a smart hover function, too, which proves to be useful in ensuring the stability of the drone in windier conditions.

Want a longer flight? No problem. This drone is also designed with a modular large-capacity body battery, allowing you to navigate the skies for far longer than run-of-the-mill quadcopters. The 1,800 mAh battery nets you a total flight time of 15 minutes, but it tops up fairly quickly, too, at only 45 minutes.

Now, instead of paying the full price of $249, this drone can be yours for only $89.99, no coupon needed whatsoever. Better take advantage of this offer now before the deal takes off elsewhere.

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