This CES-featured stacked 24" dual-screen monitor is now $100 off

This CES-featured stacked 24" dual-screen monitor is now $100 off
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Dual monitors are becoming a typical setup at home and in the office. The problem, however, is they can often cause strains on our bodies. The ergonomically designed Geminos Stacked Dual 24" Screen Monitor is here to help.

As featured at CES, The Geminos Stacked Dual 24" Screen Monitor has many attributes that help you work more efficiently and comfortably. Boasting two 24-inch screens stacked vertically and screen resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels, users can enjoy crisp and clear images and text without straining their necks by moving from monitor to monitor. The screens are also equipped with LED backlighting, which makes them energy-efficient and reduces eye strain.

Another critical advantage of Geminos is its ability to increase productivity. With two screens, you can work on multiple applications simultaneously, which can save time and help you complete tasks more quickly. For example, you can open your email on one screen while working on a document on the other. This allows effortlessness between tasks and additional focus without having to make drastic movements to our bodies. Its full HD webcam, powerful speakers, mic, and USB hub also make it an all-inclusive tool for various tasks.

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The dual-screen monitor's ergonomic design is another standout feature. The monitor is infinitely adjustable, which means that users can customize the height and angle of the screens to suit their needs. This is especially important for individuals who work at standing or sitting desks, as it allows them to maintain a comfortable and healthy working posture.

The Geminos Stacked Dual 24" Screen Monitor is an excellent choice for professionals who value productivity, efficiency, and ergonomic design. The best part is this Kickstarter and Indiegogo device can be purchased here today for $699, boasting best-of-web pricing and saving you $100 off its original price of $799.

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