This CES-featured generator won't let you get stuck in the dark

This CES-featured generator won't let you get stuck in the dark
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According to the US Energy Information Administration, customers experienced an average of almost 7.5 hours without power in 2021, with 72% of that resulting from major weather events. We can only hope they had a backup solar generator.

While that may not seem like a lot, compare that to the years between 2013 and 2016, when the average customer outage was 3 to 4 hours per year—with only about 50% of those attributable to a major event like a hurricane, tornado, flooding, or a snowstorm. It’s undeniable. Climate change has wreaked havoc with our weather, causing record-breaking outages across the country. Residents in Louisiana alone faced 60 hours without electricity in 2020. And predictions are that things are only going to get worse with more violent weather in our forecasts.

All this to say that the need to have a standby generator is more and more important. While we suspect that most Americans wish they had a backup solution beyond candles and flashlights when they are sitting in darkness, the latest stats show that only 15% of us have taken steps to solve the problem. Don’t be one of the minority.

Geneverse: A New Kind of Energy Independence

Rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, this Geneverse Solar Generator will keep your family up and running in the case of a power outage. Reliable, versatile, and portable, it includes the HomePower ONE backup battery power station and the SolarPower ONE portable solar panel. We have become so dependent on electricity—from our lights to our appliances, from our devices to our vehicles—that without it, we feel lost. Thus having an alternate supply that will provide up to 7 days of power on a single charge and a solar panel that will keep your equipment running without interruption when you are not close to an electrical source will feel like a godsend on those “dark” days.

Not only was this product showcased at the 2023 CES convention, but Geneverse also used the backup generator to power the company's entire booth while at the show. How’s that for a great demonstration of its capabilities?

Normally valued at $1,597, we have dropped the cost even further to only $1,299.99, the lowest pricing on the web. Get it now before the next power outage hits.

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