Embrace winter with this graphene-infused heated jacket, now on sale

Embrace winter with this graphene-infused heated jacket, now on sale
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With the current forecast, gusty winds and icy temperatures don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you're camping, skiing, or heading out to the grocery store, you'll need a jacket that will protect you from all the elements.

With the latest technological advancements, it's no surprise that jackets boast new, updated features. Keep warm while enjoying any outdoor activity with the Gamma Graphene-Infused Heated Jacket + Heated Power Bank Bundle, now price-dropped at 65% off.

Lined with the benefits of graphene, the Gamma jacket comes with advanced heat-trapping insulation that will keep you warm and dry from even the chilliest environments — protecting you from wind, rain, snow, and bitter cold. Plus, It also keeps you cool in the summer by expelling heat.

Gamma All-Season Jacket by Wear Graphene - Available Now

The jacket features an innovative design that comes with 14 innovative features. It can be quickly heated with its 2-in-1 Heta Heated Power Bank, a custom design that brings the ultimate heat output from the jacket. All you have to do is connect the bank to radiate immense uniform warming to your upper body. With three heat settings — low, medium, and high — you can choose your comfort level and even warm up your hands in the process. And with a smart temperature display, you'll be able to control your settings through its convenient indicator light.

Other features include an anti-static and modern lightweight construction, water and wind-resistant capabilities, UV protection, and USB-C charging — allowing you to charge your devices while out and about. With numerous pockets accessible throughout the jacket, you'll also have plenty of storage for all valuables.

As reviewed by verified customer Beau Chevassus, "I do a lot of mountaineering, and I'm very picky about jackets. However, I use this jacket for day-to-day activities, simply because it's so comfortable. I even plugged in the warmer into my car's USB, and it was like I was driving with an electric blanket.... it was amazing."

Regularly priced at $575, the Gamma Graphene-Infused Heated Jacket + Heated Power Bank Bundle (Men's M/Women's L) can be yours today at 65% off and only $199.99 — saving you nearly $400!

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