Humanity can help slow your rate of aging and lead a healthier lifestyle

Humanity can help slow your rate of aging and lead a healthier lifestyle
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The oldest person in the world today is a 115-year-old Spanish woman. She attributes her longevity to her healthy lifestyle (she has never smoked, drank, or dieted) and exercising well into her 90s. Here’s how you, too, could add years to your life.

Now we’re not going to purport that Senora Branyas used biometric data to become a supercentenarian, and we’re certainly not going to guarantee that by downloading the Humanity app you are going to reach that status, but here’s what we do know.

Senora Branyas had it right with her healthy lifestyle, however, as we all know, it’s often easier said than done. While there are certainly ways to make ourselves look younger, making ourselves feel younger requires more than a nip or a tuck, or an injection. It requires physical activity, brain stimulation, and good eating habits, among other factors. By using Humanity you will be able to assess your daily routines and potentially slow down your rate of aging by following the recommendations or suggestions put forward by the app.


The app collects your biological data, such as your age, weight, and height, after which you are given a “Humanity Score,” or H score, in four different categories: movement, mind, recovery, and nutrition. The idea is to improve the H scores in these four categories, and, over time, you may see your biological age slowed or even reversed. The app will then make suggestions on how to improve your H score, such as taking a walk, getting more sleep, and so on. Your rate of aging is calculated first by determining your biological age based on AI and then determining whether the actions you are taking are helping to reach your goal.

So strap on your fitness tracker, start using the stairs, monitor your diet, or do whatever else the Humanity app recommends. Staying healthy could not only add more years to your life, but it can also help to reduce your stress levels, and keep you feeling happy!

Highly rated on the App Store and featured in TechCrunch, UKTN, BusinessCloud, Business Leader, and Maddyness, a lifetime subscription to Humanity is now available for only $129.99 (the best of web pricing!), more than half off the suggested retail price.

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