Keep warm year-round with this sleek personal fireplace

Keep warm year-round with this sleek personal fireplace
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Cooler temperatures are starting to set in around the country, bringing with it lighted fireplaces, fire pits, and personal heaters. Get comfortable while at home with the FLÎKR Fire2: Personal Fireplace, an innovative portable warming solution.

With improved features to make your home a cozy oasis all year long, this device will be your new favorite accessory for both indoor or outdoor use. This device only creates soot where the flame touches by running entirely on rubbing alcohol (yes, you read that correctly) — which is clean-burning and safe to cook over. Warm yourself on colder days, set the mood for a date night at home, or make smores year-round with the FLÎKR Fire2.

By using a proprietary, non-absorbent material and a quartz-like base, the fire pit provides up to 60 minutes of burn time without releasing toxic carbon monoxide — making it safe to use inside your home in all seasons (even with the AC on). A thermal barrier is included to help protect surfaces and furniture, while the cement design is height-adjustable, suiting any space of choice. Once you're ready to put the fire out, all you need to do is snuff it, and you're good to go. Its compact construction makes the perfect item to give as a housewarming gift to family and friends or your favorite co-worker during the holidays.

If it's aesthetics you're concerned with, the modern, minimal, and wabi-sabi inspired design goes perfectly with all home decor, making it versatile to use in any room. Use the mini fireplace in your living room, porch, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, for camping, or even in your garage. When they say it's "portable," they mean it.

Typically priced at $100, FLÎKR Fire2: Personal Fireplace is currently price-dropped to only $84.99. Warm your home or cook with ease with this safe and stylish portable home accessory.

Prices subject to change. 

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1 comment
Warming yourself with something like this will require either a really small space or huddling very close. But the flames do look pretty.