Minimalism doesn't have to mean boring – and this lamp is proof

Minimalism doesn't have to mean boring – and this lamp is proof
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Whether you’re thinking about adopting a minimalist lifestyle and/or just want to display an amazing statement piece, this LED Corner Floor Lamp will satisfy your criteria on all fronts, no matter what room you put it in.

Smaller living spaces, high cost of living, and a greater need to go green have all contributed to the popularity of minimalism. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to give up all your worldly goods; it just means you should shop smarter. Studies have shown that the average American spends about $18,000 on non-essential items each year. Just imagine the experiences you could have, the places you could go if you could still buy what you want while fulfilling the objectives of becoming a minimalist.

If you happen to be in the market for a new floor lamp, this beauty is the epitome of minimalism yet exudes a big presence. Place it discretely in the corner, and you will hardly know it’s there, at least not until you turn it on. At that time you will be treated to a wondrous display of customized illumination. Using the remote control, you can shuffle through over 16 million colors and more than 300 multi-color effects to get just the right ambiance for your room. The soft-white, integrated LED bulbs are fully recyclable and use less energy than regular bulbs. The lamp is finished in quality metal and the weighted rubber bottom ensures it will stay in place.

Normally valued at $149, this sleek space-saving lamp can be yours now for the further reduced price of $59.99 — no coupon required! That’s over 50% off the suggested retail price. It’s a stunning piece of high-end décor that will fit beautifully in a small place, is reasonably priced, and is ecologically friendly. It’s the perfect addition to your minimalist (or otherwise) lifestyle.

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