You can spend days hiking to a remote location, pitch a tent and enjoy the isolated serenity, but if there's natural beauty to be appreciated then odds are there will be a luxury hotel to experience it from. From igloos in Finland to underwater bedrooms off the coast of Africa, this gallery takes to you some of the most remote hotels on the planet.

Feel like spending a few nights in the desert? Find a five-star hotel in the middle of the Liwa sand dunes hours outside Abu Dhabi, or take a trip to an oasis in Egypt where luxury merges with time travel in an eco-lodge with no electricity.

Fancy staying in a hotel capsule that hangs off a cliff and you need to climb up the side of a mountain to get to, or maybe a stay in a Mongolia Ger in the middle of the Gobi desert hours away from the nearest city? These remote hotels don't skimp on luxury despite their extraordinarily isolated locales.

Take a trip to some extreme locations at the ends of the Earth in our gallery celebrating the most remote hotels on the planet.

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