Make your bike rides safer with this smart LED helmet

Make your bike rides safer wit...
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If the events of this year have left you sedentary and fueled mostly by stress eating, you're not alone. Now that you're back on track with staying fit, dusting off that old 6-speed is looking more enticing than ever. Hopping on your bike for a ride during the day allows you to take in the sights, but what about when you want to ride at night or before dawn? That crisp autumn air is invigorating, but biking in the dark is dangerous. The Lumos Smart LED Helmet knows that too and wants to help.

For up to 18 hours on one charge, this helmet is a biker's very best friend (besides a sturdy bike seat). With just a quick flick of the remote that latches to your handles, the helmet illuminates a set of 10 bright white lights and activates several different signals and alerts. Not a multi-tasker that can manage the remote and the rules of the road? Just connect the helmet to your smartwatch and ride easy as it monitors your left- or right-hand motions to activate the turn signals on the helmet, alerting anyone behind you of your intentions.

And, since person v. car has historically not been a fair fight, the helmet has an integrated accelerometer, so it knows when you slow down and automatically flashes 38 solid red lights from the back in the shape of a triangular break signal.

Introducing Lumos Kickstart

The Lumos Smart LED Helmet comes in charcoal black and includes a charging cable, wireless remote, remote mount, rubber bands, and user guide. It's available on sale now for $179.99.

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