BMW is on a mission to broaden its horizons at the moment. The "i Division" is working with home energy suppliers and boat companies, while M Sport has recently turned its hand to the two-wheeled world. Now, BMW Designworks has teamed up with Selle Royal to design a seat for e-bikes.

So, why do e-bike riders need a different type of saddle? According to Selle Royal, riders are being exposed to a totally different type of force when they accelerate on an e-bike, which makes them more likely to slide off a flat, conventional bike seat. The company goes so far as to claim that sliding off flat saddles are the number one cause of e-bike accidents.

As a response, BMW and Selle have raised the rear of the saddle in an attempt to stop riders sliding backwards on the move. It also has broad wings that allow the rider to precisely adjust thrust and steer the bike, and a new gel structure is designed to reduce pressure on all the sensitive bits and pieces usually squished by bike seats. There's a fiberglass handle built into the seat, too, designed to make moving bikes laden with heavy batteries easier.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, BMW is suggesting you pair the eZone seat with a BMW Active e-Hybrid Bike. With a 250-W electric motor providing 90-Nm (66 lb-ft) of torque to the crank and a 504-Wh battery pack, it promises solid performance and, now, a more stable place to park your backside.

Selle Royal is selling the eZone from October 2017, though no pricing has yet been announced.

Source: BMW

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