Score massive savings on this pocket-sized utility flashlight

Score massive savings on this pocket-sized utility flashlight
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One of the most cumbersome things about exploring the great outdoors is the amount of stuff you have to carry. As much as possible, you should be carrying items that are multi-functional to save yourself all the hassle.

If you have plans of going off the grid this holiday season or in the foreseeable future, Red Cross suggests that you bring with you a first aid kit, nutritious food items and water, lightweight clothing for layering, and functional tools like a flashlight, batteries, and a hand-crank radio. These items are already a no-brainer, but for the flashlight, the one on your phone won't suffice. It's better to have one in tow that shines brighter in case you get stuck in sticky situations, and luckily, you don't have to invest in a bulky illumination source that you'll only find a hard time toting around.

The 8-in-1 Maglight Mini Super Bright Utility Flashlight boasts 800 lumens of illumination, and the best part is it's designed to fit on your keychain. Ahead of Black Friday, you can get it on sale at a special price, making it a deal you'll truly be thankful for. Instead of paying the full price of $29, you can score it at its lowest web pricing yet.

Clocking in at only 43 grams, the Maglight is as portable and lightweight as they get. It offers four light modes, allowing you to easily adjust the brightness to meet your lighting needs. It shines 30 times brighter than a standard phone, and you can snap it on your keychain or backpack, making it an ideal everyday carry tool as well.

Boasting an all-in-one design, this multi-tools also offers various nifty functions, including a handy bottle opener, carabiner, folding kickstand, strong magnet, and more. It lasts up to 3.5 hours on a single charge, but it's USB rechargeable so you can use any standard USB charger for juicing it up. It's also water and dustproof, ensuring its safety in any weather condition.

Until November 23, 11:59 PM Pacific Time, you can get the Maglight at its lowest web pricing yet — only $19.99. That's a 33 percent discount from its original retail price of $29, and this is a price point you rarely see floating around.

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