These award-winning translation earbuds were featured at CES 2023

These award-winning translation earbuds were featured at CES 2023
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Don’t you wish that, while traveling abroad, a little birdie would whisper in your ear the words you want to say … in the language of the country you’re in? While not a “little birdie,” these Mymanu CLIK S earbuds are going to help you do just that.

With the highest level of comfort and an oh-so-secure fit, these buds are not only practical, but they’re very discreet. Their wireless design delivers audio in high definition, and its passive noise cancellation will still let you hear surrounding sounds, perfect for when you’re hitting the trails running or cycling through the urban jungle. They’re also sweat-proof and offer a 10-hour battery life (plus another 20 hours from the stylish charging case), so you can keep on going and going without having to miss a beat. Plus, with a click of a button, CLIK S gives you hands-free calling or texting and access to your virtual assistants (because you never know when you’ll need to have a pressing question answered!), or simply pump out a few tunes from your favorite playlist.

But the pièce de résistance? Using the MyJuno app, these CLIK S buds will translate over 37 languages in real-time, both through voice and text messages. All you need do is select your language, pick the language you wish to translate to, click, hold, speak, and release, and your words will be translated both visually as text and audibly so that the words can be heard by the person you’re speaking to.

Most versatile smart translation earbuds, for fitness, business and travel

With the world becoming smaller in terms of our connectivity to other places and people, not only are we traveling more, but organizations are becoming more cosmopolitan. Whether you are visiting another country as a tourist, as a student, or as an employee, being able to converse in the native language as soon as you hit the ground running is a big plus, no matter how you translate it.

A frequent fixture at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, this year being no exception, Mymanu is a 2019 CES Innovation Awards Honoree as well as a Red Dot Design Awardee. And if the awards aren’t enough to impress you, how about these rave reviews? “Wow, wow, and wow! These are so good earbuds [sic] and the sound is excellent. The translation is better than Google.” “I have bought several brands but this is my fav.”

And to entice you even more, we’ve dropped the cost of these award-winning earbuds even further. You can now purchase Mymanu CLIK S for only $119.99, an almost 45% discount off the suggested retail price.

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