Get a new computer, a lifetime of MS Office, and give to a good cause

Get a new computer, a lifetime of MS Office, and give to a good cause
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If it’s for work, professional-grade software is often demanding for computers, so you may not want that taxing your personal machine. Instead, you could get a new-to-you computer, some great software, and the skills to use it all on sale.

Whether it’s for homework, job training, a side hustle, or hobbies, a dedicated productivity computer is a great device to have around. If you’re at school, you might be at your screen for hours a day, a marathon of wear and tear.

For our Back to Education Event, a lifetime license of Microsoft Office Pro for Windows 2021, an HP EliteBook, and a Microsoft Office Certificate Course Bundle are all on sale for $669.99 (Reg. $2663), no coupon code is needed. The event ends August 24.

You’re probably more than a little familiar with Microsoft Office. This suite of programs has functionally run the working world for years. However, this deal gets you MS Office for life, and it might have a thing or two to show you from the advanced features of these eight programs. Specifically, the eight programs you would get a lifetime license to are Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. Only 6% of Excel users consider themselves experts, and that’s just one app from the bundle. Pair these apps with their corresponding certification course, and there may be something interesting for you to learn.

Learn more about tables and shape tools in word, pivot tables in Excel, animations in PowerPoint, and more! If you’ve only touched the surface of this software before, then you could have a lot of studying to do. Learn to manage tasks, calendars, and your email with Outlook, or find another way to connect with your team through Teams, and that’s just the start.

Though you could install your license of Microsoft Office on any compatible Windows device, you could create an excellent work computer by adding it to this near-mint condition refurbished HP EliteBook. This laptop comes with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed, has a 14-inch screen, and though it’s refurbished, you might not even find a scratch on it.

During our Back to Education Event, get Microsoft Office Pro for Windows 2021 + HP EliteBook + Certificate Course Bundle on sale for $669.99 (Reg. $2263). No coupon code needed, but the event ends on August 24. For every unit purchased $0.50 will be donated to a school or charity that you can vote on when you receive an email once your purchase is complete.

Prices subject to change