One of the stars of the 2023 CES, this composter is on sale for $479

One of the stars of the 2023 CES, this composter is on sale for $479
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Per the FDA, 63 million tons of food waste was generated in the commercial, institutional, and residential sectors, with only 4% of that being composted. As more food reaches landfills than any other single material, perhaps it’s time to do our part.

We know that you know it’s in our best interest to compost. And we also know that you know it can be a pretty messy and onerous business. That “bin” you purchased specifically for the purpose of dealing with your food waste—seems like the fruit flies have found their utopia. And those special compostable bags that you bought to store your food scraps in? Seems that they may not degrade so well, after all.

Recently highlighted at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, and one of Good Housekeeping’s Editor’s Choice Awards at the exhibit, the Reencle Prime Food Waste Composter is the perfect solution. You can say goodbye to the flies, the smell, the leaking bags, and all the other negatives you conjure up when you thinking about composting. This composter will be a welcome addition to your kitchen, for not only is it a pretty face, but it’s a powerhouse at reducing your food waste to up to 90%. Your leftover scraps will be transformed into fertilizer quickly, quietly, and totally odor-free.

Reencle: Kitchen-to-Garden Fertilizer Composter

With a 1.5lb capacity and a touchless step motion sensor (meaning with the simple wave of a hand the lid to the composter will open, making it extra-easy to operate!), this low-maintenance appliance will not only help you do your part to save the planet, but your plants and gardens will thrive, absorbing the rich nutrients derived from your newly formed soil … all becoming part of that circle of life.

During our Tech Innovations Seen at CES campaign, we've further dropped the price. From now until March 3, at 11:59 PM Pacific time you can be the proud owner of this Reencle Prime Food Waste Composter for only $479, no coupons required. It’s a great deal for you, and an even better one for the environment.

Prices subject to change