Save over $1,200 off this refurbished MacBook Air

Save over $1,200 off this refurbished MacBook Air
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Apple's prices are already expensive to begin with, but with their rates consistently going up, it can be hard to justify a purchase. A great hack to rid yourself of buyer's guilt? Snapping up a refurbished unit instead.

Before anything else, it should be noted that buying refurbished doesn't mean you're purchasing a defective product. Refurbished tech has been vetted to look and work like new before being put back into the market, so what you'll essentially be getting is a like-new product. And with this deal on the refurbished Apple MacBook Air, you can score one for less than $400 — no additional coupon needed.

This refurbished 2017 MacBook Air packs all the features Apple fanatics love. It features an impressive processor — a 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 — that delivers a seamless performance and efficient multitasking and a 128GB hard drive for storing essentials and media. Intel HD Graphics 6000 is also built into the unit, allowing you to enjoy high-quality images and videos.

MacBook Air 2017 - Review

With a 13.3-inch widescreen display and 1440x900 native resolution, you can browse or view any content in crystal clear quality. You can also work and stream anywhere with Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as transfer files using Bluetooth. Thanks to the 12-hour battery, you won't find yourself scrambling for the nearest power outlet as you work throughout the day.

If you're still iffy about buying a refurbished device, it should also be noted that this particular MacBook Air is listed with a rating of "A." That simply means that it's in a near-mint condition, with very minimal to zero amounts of scuffing. It's quite literally almost new, making it value for your money.

Instead of paying the full price of $1599, this refurbished MacBook Air is on sale for only $355 — a savings of 78 percent.

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