Get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone today for only $159.97

Get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone today for only $159.97
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TL;DR: Excited about your international travel destination? Immerse yourself in an interactive learning journey and access up to 25 languages with Rosetta Stone: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages), now on sale for $159.97 with code VACATION15.

Summertime is here — and many of us are finally taking our dream trip to another country. There's no better way to immerse yourself in the culture than by learning the native language of your destination. With Rosetta Stone, you'll get a head start.

Learning a new language opens doors to exciting experiences and deep cultural connections. Rosetta Stone, a top-rated language-learning software trusted by organizations like NASA and TripAdvisor for nearly 30 years, brings you access to an extensive collection of language courses, ranging from Spanish and French to Mandarin and Arabic, and immerses you in the target language from the beginning. By combining visual cues, audio prompts, and interactive exercises that simulate real-life scenarios, the app will allow you to master reading, writing, and speaking in your preferred language at your own pace (and not to mention at a great discount).

Pronunciation is a crucial aspect of language learning. Rosetta Stone's cutting-edge TruAccent, the world's best speech recognition system, will help refine accents to help you learn languages efficiently and effectively. You'll be able to practice speaking and receive instant feedback by comparing your voice to a native speaker, bringing you more confidence in your ability to communicate one lesson at a time.

The app's flexibility is also a stand-out feature. With online and offline learning capabilities (you'll have to download the lessons beforehand), you can access language courses anytime, anywhere. Whether you have a few minutes to spare during your daily commute or prefer dedicated study sessions, Rosetta Stone adapts to your schedule.

Language learners have increasingly relied on Rosetta Stone to develop their language fluency and boost their self-assurance in speaking, and the reviews prove its success. As verified customer Simon K. raves, the subscription is "Possibly the best language-learning app at a terrific price. Access to full courses on many languages for life. A great deal."

Until 11:59 pm on July 23, 2023, the comprehensive Rosetta Stone: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) is available at a further marked-down price of $159.97 (reg. $299) with code VACATION15.

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